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CNC Router Timelapse - 3/4

A CNC router timelapse is a video that shows the process of a CNC router cutting a design or pattern in a material, typically wood or plastic. The timelapse captures the entire process from the beginning to the end, often showing the design being loaded onto the machine, the machine cutting out the pattern, and the finished product being removed from the machine. These videos can be used to showcase the precision and accuracy of CNC machines and the speed at which they can complete projects. They are often used by manufacturers or DIY enthusiasts to document their projects and share them with others.

Timelapse video of the CNC router at Tx/Rx Labs in Houston, TX cutting a sheet of 3/4" cabinet grade red oak plywood for a custom bed project (the sleeping kind). This video is sped up 16x. The router is a 4' x 8' Chinese import that has a 5Kw 25,000 rpm water-cooled spindle and been converted to run LinuxCNC. The cutting is being done with a 3/8" carbide 2-flute compression bit at 120 IPM (inches per minute) and 18,000 rpm spindle speed. The first pass is done 1/2" deep leaving 0.06" radial finish allowance. The second pass is done at full depth. The parts are for a custom bed that is a slightly modified version of the AtFab.co Silver Lining Bed ( http://atfab.co/?portfolio=silver-lining-bed ).